How to input data in SPSS (data analysis part-2)

How can we enter data in SPSS?

We can enter data in spss by using two different ways.
  1. Manually 
  2. Import data from excel
Manually entering data:
Manually entering data
  • After open spss software , at first we have to write the variable name in the "Name" column.
  • click on "Type" and select the variable type.
  • then we have to write the variable description in the "Label" column.

If we want entering a string variable or nominal data, then we have to select the variable type as "String"
Selecting variable type

then we have to go to the "Values" column and click on it. Then we can see a new box named value labels .

Selecting value labels

Now we have to enter a value on that box and define the value by a label and click "Add". After adding all values then click "Ok".

Import Data from Excel:

-Open spss go to "Menu Bar" and select-
Open new data set

-Now there open a new box named "open data" and we have go to the "Files of type"  and select as "Excel(*.xls,*.xlsx,*.xlsm)"  

selecting excel data set

Then select your target Excel file and click "open"  and there open a new box named "opening excel data source", now we have to click on "continue",

Opening excel data source

And finally our excel file is imported in spss,

Imported data set

By using above process we can easily entering our data in spss manually .

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