Normality checking of a data set using spss

Normality checking is a procedure of check the normality of our working data set. Basically we check the normality using histogram. If the shape of the histogram is bell shaped then the data set follow the normal distribution. We also use the normality table including kolmogrov-smirnov test and shapiro-wilk test value. If the test value […]

Bivariate analysis using spss (data analysis part-10)

Bivariate analysis using spss is very simple procedure of finding the association between two variables. Spss is a very simple data analytics tool by which we can perform our analysis very easily. Bivariate Analysis What is bivariate analysis? Bivariate analysis is the analysis of two random variable and find their association. For bivariate analysis we […]

Univariate analysis using spss (data analysis part-9)

We conduct Univariate analysis using spss to find the characteristics of this variable. Spss is a simple statistical analytics tool which is very easy to use and maintain. What is univariate analysis using spss? It is the analysis of one random variable such as descriptive statistics (mean, variance etc.). We have the following data set […]

Variable transformation, Recoding variables using spss

Variable transformation using spss is procedure to convert a variable into anathoer type variable. This procedure is mainly used for creating categorical variable from a continuous variable. What do we mean by categorize variables? A random variable which contains categorical data such as “low”, “medium”, “high” (three category) is called categorical variable. The procedure of […]

Finding and Replacing missing values using SPSS

Missing value analysis using spss is a procedure of finding, replacing or coding missing values of a data set using spss. Spss is a simple statistical analytics tool which help us to perform various data analytics task. Missing values analysis using spssHow can we find missing values? To find the missing values we have to […]

How to merge data file using SPSS (data analysis part-5)

Merge data is a very important for data analysis. It is very simple to merge data file using spss. Spss is a simple analytics tool. Merge data file using spss What do we mean by add case? Add case means combing or merge two data set where the variables of the two data set are […]

How to sort data using SPSS (data analysis part-4)

Sorting data means rearaging data under a variable in a data set. We usuallay sort data using spss which very easy to perform. Sort data using spss 1. If we want to sort data in ascending or descending order, then we have to go to the “menu bar” and click on “data” and select “sort […]

How to input data in SPSS (data analysis part-2)

In data analysis, data entry is the first step. There are various software for analyze data but we can easily input data in spss which is a simple data analytics software. How can we input data in SPSS? We can enter data in spss by using two different ways. Manually  Import data from excel Manually […]