How to find correlation using spss| Correlation analysis

Correlation Analysis using SPSS To find the correlation between two variables we have to follow the following procedure- Input your data on SPSS Select the two required variable Go to: Analyze→ correlate →Bivariates. Insert the required variabe in the variable box. Select “pearson”from the correlation coefficient box. Also select one tailed or two tailed from […]

Univariate analysis in spss: SPSS tutorials

Univariate analysis in spss Univariate analysis is related to analyze of on variable. For example finding mean, varience, standard deviation of one variable is called univeriate analysis.   Let we have five variables named gender, age, gpa, social_media and result. If we analyze each of the variable separately then its called univariate analysis. we can […]

Bivariate analysis in spss: Chi-square test for association

Bivariate analysis Bivariate analysis is the analysis of two variable and find their association. For bivariate analysis we mainly use crosstabs and to show the association we use chi-square test. in chi-square table, we interpret the p-values. P-values interpretation is following- A small p-value (typically ≤ 0.05) indicates strong evidence against the null hypothesis, so we […]

Variable transformation in spss

Variable transformation in spss At first we have to go the “Menu bar” and click on-        “Transform”→”Record into different variable or Record into same variable” [Note:  If we select “Record into different variable” , there create a new categorical variable. If we select “Record into same variable”, the new variable replace old variable. so , “Record […]

How to find and Replace missing values in spss

Finding and replacing missing values in spss Missing values are the value of a observation which is missed from the data set. In this time we can not perform analysis using this data set. To solve this problem we replace the missing values using the mean or median of all the existing values. In this […]