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Statistical Aid is a site that provides statistical content, and data analysis content, and also discusses the various fields of statistics. You can learn statistics and data analysis intuitively through Statistical Aid. All the contents on this site are written to help students who are very weak in statistics and data analysis. From basic to advanced, you can get all the topics of statistics presented on this site very simply. You can get help from the following topics:

Basic Statistics

Probability Distributions in Statistics

Sampling Distributions in Statistics

Probability Sampling

Non Probability Sampling

Data Analysis Using SPSS

Data analysis using spss
Data input in spss
Import data in spss
Sort data using spss
Merge data file in spss
Combine data set in spss
Missing value in spss
Variable transformation in spss
Univariate analysis in spss
Bivariate analysis in spss
Normality of data in spss

Data Analysis Using Stata

Data Analysis Using R/R Studio

There are also some other topics as follows:

Data Analytics tools free Download

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