How to import data in SPSS from excel file (data analysis part-3)

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SPSS is very easy to use because we can import any types of data set in SPSS software. We can import data set in SPSS from excel, Stata, R, SAS etc. data analytics software.

Import Data in SPSS from Excel

Open SPSS go to “Menu Bar” and select-

import data in spss
Open new data set

Now there open a new box named “open data” and we have go to the “Files of type”  and select as “Excel(*.xls,*.xlsx,*.xlsm)”  

import data
selecting excel data set

Then select your target Excel file and click “open”  and there open a new box named “opening excel data source”, now we have to click on “continue”,

import data from excel
Opening excel data source

And finally our excel file is imported in SPSS,

import data in spss
Imported data set

The above data set is imported from SPSS. First row of excel spreadsheet indicate the variables name which are automatically detected by SPSS. The rest rows of excel sheet represents the data or observations. SPSS is very simple data analytics software to manage, clean and analysis of data.

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