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Importing data from SPSS to R

The importing procedure of data set into R is following-
  •  open R programm
  •  open a new script
  •  write the following code

Data_set <- read.spss("data set location/data set name", use.value.label=TRUE,

Importing data from Stata to R

# input Stata file
mydata <- read.dta("c:/mydata.dta")

Importing data from Excel to R

# first row contains variable names
mydata <- read.xlsx("c:/myexcel.xlsx", 1)

# read in the worksheet named mysheet
mydata <- read.xlsx("c:/myexcel.xlsx", sheetName = "mysheet")

Importing data from csv file to R

# first row contains variable names, comma is separator
# assign the variable id to row names
# note the / instead of \ on mswindows systems

mydata <- read.table("c:/mydata.csv", header=TRUE,
   sep=",", row.names="id")

Importing data from SAS to R

# save SAS dataset in trasport format
libname out xport 'c:/mydata.xpt';
data out.mydata;
set sasuser.mydata;

# in R
mydata <- sasxport.get("c:/mydata.xpt")
# character variables are converted to R factors

1. open R software

2. Open new script

3. Type the above code.

4. Run the code.

For step by step procedure check this video.

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