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SPSS software

What is SPSS?

SPSS is a statistical software  which was actually developed as an analysis program for social          scientist . Abbreviation of SPSS is Statistical Package for Social Science and now it is modified to Superior Performing Software.

Why we use SPSS?

      -SPSS performs four main tasks:

  • Manipulates and manages data
  • Products reports and table
  • Perform simple and complex statistical analysis
  • Produces graphical output

Mainly there are four window-
              2.output viewer
              3.syntax editor
              4.script windows

SPSS is a widely used program for statistical analysis in social science. It is also used by market researchers, health researchers, survey companies, government, education researchers, marketing organizations, data miners, and others. The original SPSS manual (Nie, Bent & Hull, 1970)[5] has been described as one of "sociology's most influential books" for allowing ordinary researchers to do their own statistical analysis.In addition to statistical analysis, data management (case selection, file reshaping, creating derived data) and data documentation (a metadata dictionary is stored in the datafile) are features of the base software.
Statistics included in the base software:
  • Descriptive statistics: Cross tabulation, Frequencies, Descriptives, Explore, Descriptive Ratio Statistics
  • Bivariate statistics: Means, t-test, ANOVA, Correlation (bivariate, partial, distances), Nonparametric tests, Bayesian
  • Prediction for numerical outcomes: Linear regression
  • Prediction for identifying groups: Factor analysis, cluster analysis (two-step, K-means, hierarchical), Discriminant
  • Geo spatial analysis, simulation
  • R extension (GUI), Python

SPSS data editor

Selecting variable type

Variable type

Lebeling variables

Import data set

Data sorting

SPSS for windows-64 bit                                      Download

To download and install spss successfully watch the following video

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