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SPSS means statistical package for social science. SPSS is the most famous data analytics tool which is used to clean, manage, and analyze data. There are two window in SPSS. They are data view and variable view. By using variable view, we can easily insert any variable name with its types (nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio). By using data view, we can easily input our data for the correponding variables.

Data Sources

The information that IBM SPSS Statistics can process are limited, but cover most of the commonly used services. Spreadsheets from MS Excel or OpenOffice, Plain text files such as .txt or .csv, SQL databases, SAS, and Stata.

Thanks to the variety of information that can be handled, the service is great for professional use or personal projects.

The view

Once you’ve opened the SPSS display, you’re presented with a spreadsheet-like layout. Known as data-view, this sheet will always display your data values, but without any extra detailing.

The second sheet, variable-view, shows you the metadata of the data-view layer. This information is the meaning of your variables and data values. In SPSS this is known as the dictionary, but can also be called the codebook on other platforms.


Due to the data your SPSS installation processes, you need to analyze it properly. Using the elaborate menu options, you can quickly inspect your variables. The main feature you’ll use is the Descriptive Statistics option.

The Descriptive Statistics allows you to open a dialogue box and select an individual or multiple variables as well as statistics you’d like to inspect. SPSS latest version download free from here.


IBM SPSS has its share of steep learning curves, but it is made to be usable. As such there are a number of features that improve your experience while managing data. An important one is that this app supports multiple languages.

Microsoft Office can be used in conjunction with this application. Thanks to this, it’s easy to organize your data and easily import it into SPSS.

Save your data

Your IBM SPSS data can be saved in a variety of formats. The only non-exportable format is SQL, leaving Excel sheets, plain text, SAS, and Stata all viable options for saving your information.

Output options are far more elaborate, allowing you to copy charts as images and paste them into another document. All items can be exported as one batch into a PDF, HTML, MS Word, and a handful of other file formats.

Tables and charts

You can organize your data into a basic table or chart with easy inside your SPSS Windows download. However, these charts tend to be simplistic or unappealing while displaying information.

Fortunately, there is a selection of templates available for you to use. You can also develop or find pleasing designs online and apply those, creating a better appearance while demonstrating your data.

Alternatives to SPSS latest version Download

When it comes to data management, SPSS is not the only available application. Here are a few other options for you to consider if this isn’t your liking.

Navicat for MySQL is specially designed as a GUI utility that offers users an easy way to manage database development and administration.

PostgreSQL is a tool for anyone working towards their university degree and needs sources that help them pad out their thesis. This free database provides information on a large variety of topics.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is a system designed with older computers in mind. Along with extra features, it provides data management options.

Professional data management

This application is a great way to manage all your data, for both professional and personal use. However, due to the SPSS tutorials you’ll need, this app will require you to overcome the learning curve before you can use it effectively.

With the complete control you’re provided and the array of features, you’ll easily manage your data and have quick and detailed access whenever you need it.


  • Hundreds of graphical options
  • Analytical features
  • Integration for Microsoft Office
  • Great options for sharing
  • Multilingual support


  • Learning curve
  • Aimed at professional users
  • Complicated website

About SPSS latest version Download

The version of the SPSS software provided here is version 25 which is almost latest. you can download the software from here is totally free. (Our facebook page)

SPSS latest version

SPSS latest version Download here

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