Non probability sampling methods with application, Advantages and Disadvantages

Non-Probability sampling

The process of selecting a sample from a population without using statistical probability theory.
Lets say that the university has roughly 10000 students. These 10000 students are our population (N). Each of the 10000 students is known as a unit, but its hardly possible to get known and select every student randomly.
Here we can use Non-Random selection of sample to produce a result is it called sampling.
Non-probability sampling-statistical aid

Applications of non-probability sampling

·    This type of sampling can be used when demonstrating that a particular trait exist in the population.
·    It can also be useful when the researcher has limited budget, time and workforce.

Advantage of non-probability sampling

·        Select samples purposively
·        Enable researchers to reach difficult to identify members of the population.
·        Lower cost
·        Limited time.

Disadvantage of non-probability sampling

Difficult to make valid inference about the entire population because the sample selected is not representative. 
We cannot calculate confidence interval.
Selection bias exit which is the huge demerits of non-probability sampling comparing to probability samplig.

Types of non probability sampling

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