Bernoulli Distribution: Definition, example, properties and applications

 Bernoulli distribution is distribution where two possible outcome exists, probability of success “p” and probability of failure “q=1-p”. This outcome is known as Bernoulli trial.     Most of the discrete distribution are related with Bernoulli trials. An experiment is called Bernoulli trial if it has two possible outcomes namely success and failure. The probability […]

Normal distribution: Definition, pdf, properties with applications

In probability, normal distribution is the most important continuous distribution in statistics because its common in natural phenomena. It is also known as Gaussian distribution and always symmetric about mean. There are also various probability distributions such as Bernoulli, Binomial , Negative Binomial, Geometric, Hypergeomettric, Poisson, Logarithmic series, Power series, Gamma, Beta, Uniform , Exponential distribution […]