Variable transformation in spss

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Variable transformation in spss

At first we have to go the “Menu bar” and click on-
        “Transform”→”Record into different variable or Record into same variable”

  • If we select “Record into different variable” , there create a new categorical variable.
  • If we select “Record into same variable”, the new variable replace old variable.

so , “Record into different variable” is more useful because there exist the old and new both variable and our original data exist  in the old variable.]

Then there opened a new box named “Record into different variable” and we have to double click on our target variable which we want to categorize. Then set a new name and label in the “Name” & “Label” box and click on “change” .
Now we have to click on the “Old and new values”
By this video we can learn variable transformaton and variable recode procedure using SPSS.

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