How to merge file in spss[ add new cases and add new variables]

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When we analyze data using spss we have to merge two or more data file into one data file. For this, we merge file in spss and create one data file.

Merge file in spss procedure

There are two types of mege in spss. First is add variable and 2nd is add cases using spss software.
Add variable: Add variables in spss means to add new variable from the new data set to the existing data set.
Add cases: Add cases in spss means to add various observation from a new data set to the existing data set.
At first we have to go to menu bar and select 
               “Data”“Merge file”“Add case”
Then there open a new box named “Add cases to data set1” and we have to select “An external spss data file” and click on “Browse” and select the second data set which we want to combine with “data set1″
Note: If there exist same variables in two data , one will be excluded after merge.
          And also, the length of the data or size of the data in two data set must be same.

In this video we show you how to merge file in spss and how to add cases or new variables in spss. stay with us and subscribe our youtube channel for more updates.

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