How to find correlation using spss| Correlation analysis

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Correlation Analysis using SPSS

To find the correlation between two variables we have to follow the following procedure-
  1. Input your data on SPSS
  2. Select the two required variable
  3. Go to: Analyze→ correlate →Bivariates.
  4. Insert the required variabe in the variable box.
  5. Select “pearson”from the correlation coefficient box.
  6. Also select one tailed or two tailed from the test of significance box.
  7. And finally click ok.

Correlation coefficient interpretation using spss

If the value of correlation coefficient is greater or equal 0.8 (r>=0.8) it is the evidence of strong correlation. If the value of r indicates .5 to .79 then there are moderate correlation and if the value of r is less than .5 than it indicates the weak correlation between the variable.

You can also find the correlation by watching the following video.

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