Statistical Data definition, types and requirements

Definition of statistical data Statistical data are the outcomes or the observations which occur in scientific experiments or an investigation. To conduct any analysis it is must to have some data. Without data we can not think about research or statistical analysis. In statistics, data plays a vital role in all the fields and all […]

Regression analysis with its types, objectives and applications

Regression analysis is a statistical technique that develop a relationship between explanatory (independent) variable and response (dependent) variable. It measures the dependence of one (dependent) variable on one or more than one other (independent) variable.  Linear regression Introduction of regression analysis The term regression was first introduced in nineteenth century to describe a biological phenomena, […]

Intra class vs Inter class correlation in statistics

Interclass correlation and intra-class correlation are two special cases of correlation analysis. Interclass correlation shows the association among the groups and intra-class correlation shows the association within a group. Intra class(a) vs Inter class(b) “Interclass” means among the groups. “Intra class” means within group. Interclass correlation The interclass correlation means the relationship among the groups […]

Population vs Sample in Statistics

Population vs sample in statistics are plays two different role in statistics. Population is the whole study area where sample is the required study area from the whole study area. Population vs Sample-statistical aid Population vs sample Population Population indicates the all data or whole observations under a particular study area or a study variable. […]

Statistics Definition, Scope with Real life Examples

Statistics is a field of mathematics which concern with collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data using scientific way or statistical methods. Statistics provides mathematical analysis and build models to interprete the data patterns. Statistics Sir R.A. Fisher defined statistics as, “The science of statistics is essentially a branch of applied mathematics and may be regarded […]