How to find association between two variables using spss| Chi-square association test

How to find association between two variables using spss

To find the association between two variables we have to follow the following procedure-
  1. Input your data on SPSS
  2. Select the two required variable
  3. Now set the hypothesis as below- H0: There is no association between the variables. H1: H0 is not true.
  4. To test the hypothesis we use chi-square test.
  5. Go to: Analyze→ Descriptive statistics →Crostabs.
  6. Insert the required variabe in the variable box.
  7. Go to statistics option and select chi-square.
  8. And finally click ok.

Chi-square test

Now we interprete the chi-square test result using the significance level(p-value).

  1. If p<=0.05 then H0 is rejected.
  2. If p>0.05 then H0 is accepted.

you can watch the full procedure in the following video-

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